Funny how thing’s work out

It’s funny how things work out, funnier when they don’t, hilarious when they can’t. 

I don’t necessarily mean this that literally of course, it’s often heartbreaking when thing’s dont work out the way we’d like or when they can’t work out. But I always try to be optimistic. I often find myself actually laughing (or at least smiling in thought) when I think of the way things happen and things that don’t or can’t work out and why. It’s interesting to see how life unfolds. As I like to say,"’Life’s full of little surprises. Big one’s too"

Nowadays, I try to be prepared for almost anything. Nothing (or not many things) really surprise me that much. As some way, stranger things have happened, and life is definitely filled with strange things nowadays. As I like to say, nowadays, abnormalty has become so normal that being normal is abnormal, lol. We just gotto trust God in everything, because we know He’ll see us through, no matter what.


I’m not perfect, but God’s not done with me yet!!!


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