Trust in God

I think we as Christians sometimes fail to trust God as we should. We’d be down or have a huge problem and what do we do? We worry and stress, and wonder what’s wrong with us, but alot of times we never even stop to ask God for help. He’s often left as a last resort, or we might not even go to Him at all. We ask, ‘why?’. We may sometimes ask for help, and in theory we know that God is all faithful and all powerful, but sometimes even though we know, we still don’t believe, so we continue to worry about how we can solve our problems on our own instead of putting them in God’s hands.

The saying goes, "do your best, and God will do the rest". When we have problems in life, we need to do our parrt, then trust God to work it out for us.


I’m not perfect, but God’s not done with me yet!!!


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