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6 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Glad to be the first one to christen your guest book girl!!Well, Ive known Randelle for a few years now and shes really a unique person…Kinda shy and quiet in her own way,but you can worm your way to her heart and shes veery likable. I say that from experience. Shes very freindly as well and good to be around. She can sing very well as she says, just wish i got to hear more of it…(wish you were living on the rock still girl!) She also loves God very much and seems very focused wich is good young ppl need focus…plenty focus!Keep moving in the right direction Randelle and keep up you for passion for GOd and your singing. Life isnt worth living without passion.Plenty of Love from Me…Justin

  2. Randelle I am proud to see how you are such a focus young woman, and the passion and love you have for you Lord and Saviour. When ever I hear people talk about God that way it makes me want to serve him more and more.I am proud of you my dear sis, keep up the good work in you studies, your future studies and most importantly never forget your God. No matter how tough and rough the road gets, God will always be there for you.Keep looking up and keep smiling.lots of love sis…………Val

  3. I remember meeting Randelle for the first time on my first ever visit to St. Kitts, she appeared to be slightly shy until we (D.P) started a little singsperation in our room that friday morning and all the shyness seem to disappear with her strong alto melodic voice!!! What a voice!!!! Through out the duration of my stay Randelle opened up like an orchid to reveal an eazy going,friendly person, great personality,a wealth of talent!!!!!! and a real zeal for childern. She also loves to laugh and has a beauuuuutiful smile!!!!!!! It was a real pleasure to have met such a Gem and she will be part of the memorium of my lovely trip to St.Kitts and I really do hope I can keep her as a life long friend!!!!! I also really envy you persons who has her close to you daily for she is a real up liftment to the day!!!!Randelle\’s deep faith and trust in God will DEFINATELY carry her through and I wish Her GREAT SUCCESS in what ever she endeavors to do.DoN!!

  4. Hi, Just leaving my mark. I know you\’re leaving soon and I just want to say that I was happy to meet someone like you. I pray that you\’ll fullfil all you set out to, and continue to be who you are. I\’m gonna miss you. Though distant in body never so in mind and heart. Bless.

  5. I\’ve known this girl for ermmm lol i can say almost all my life. Yes, i have. Shes been my friend since we were little girls and i use to stay with her grandma in Cork Hill. I use to love our weekends together they were awesome. I loved that doll you once had, that use to talk[it was so cute]hehe. Randell is kindhearted and loving, this runs in her family. I love this girl to bits although we\’ve been out of contact for a few years[due to the volcanic crisis in our country] i mus give God thanks that i\’ve got back in contact with her. Her strong loving words of advise and encouragement has helped with making me the strong child of christ i am today. Just when your about to give up Randelle always steps in. I just want to say thanks Randelle. And may God continue to bless you. Not many people like you are out there and am glad to have you as my friend. God bless.Love Gracia

  6. I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you!  Thank you for the blessing of your friendship!  May God continue to Bless you!  Best Regards Lizzy!

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