I’m sick *frown*

Have you ever been really confused? I mean, totally muddled? Right now I feel really weird. My brain’s not functioning at all. Strange? Very. I was just reading something online, something that would take a little thought to understand, and it was like, I was reading, but the words enter my brain then go out a back way before I have any time to understand what I’m reading. I guess that might be because I seem to be getting the flu, so that may be messing me up. But this is a totally off feeling. I hope I get over this soon.  I’m getting dizzy easily too. If I move to suddenly, I have to just keep still (maybe hold my head) until I feel kinda normal again. I just shook my head really fast to see what would happen. Weird right?


Recently I’ve also been having some chest pains. Well, actually not just recently. Since last year actually. I’ve been to the doctor and he said something about acid and GERD (that’s Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease – look it up). Somehow I doubt this has anything to do with acid though. I even went to get a barium meal (some know it as a barium swallow) to see if there was any sign of acid reflux of an ulcer or anything like that, but nothing showed up. I used to have the pains very often, and then it had subsided and only happened now and again. But within the past few days, I’ve been having chest pains very often, a few times in the day, and it’s been worse than ever. I’ve got to go to the doctor today or tomorrow so I can figure out what’s really going on with me. Say a prayer for me and hope for the best.


Randelle a.k.a Innocence

I’m not perfect, but God’s not done with me yet!!!


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