SAT Exam

Ok, now I knew that the SAT exam was long, but I didn’t realize it was sooo LOOOONG, lol.

I did the SAT this morning, and first of all, I was cold, Well, actually I wasn’t really freezing but my feet were. I should have worn closed shoes, but how was I to know? When I got my first five minute break I was soo glad to be able to get out of that room. The warmth of the sun outside was glorious. I actually took off my shoes and stood barefoot in the street the get some warmth back into my feet, lol. (Fortunately it was Sunday morning, so not much traffic was on the street and not many people were around so no one saw me)

After what seemed like an eternity of doing exam, I looked at the clock. Just after 10. I still had another two hours to go. I was sooo ready to get out of there.

Right now I have this huge pimple on my face. This morning before I went to do my exam I resisted the urge to pop it. But while I was in the exam room, it started temping me again. So even though I didn’t want to pop my zit, I did it anyway, and it started to bleed, and bleed. So there I was, in the middle of the exam, my face bleeding. The invigilator wasn’t paying attention to me though and I was the only one doing the exam. I just held a tissue to my face. I was near the end of the section so I was glad when the lady said time was up. I went to the bathroom and put some water on my tissue and held it to my face till it stopped bleeding.

Ten sections on an exam. Ten. I had thought it was nine (not much difference I know, but when you’re ready to get out of an exam room, one extra section is alot) The final section, 10 minutes. That was good in that it would soon be over. But 10 minutes is not alot of time to do 14 or 15 questions, escpecially when your brain is ready to short out. It wasn’t as bad as I might be making it sound though. I finished the section within the time.

The exam as a whole wasn’t so bad. I think I did well. I was so glad when it was over though. When the lady saw me smiling at the end of the exam, she was surprised. She said I was the first person she had seen smiling just after finishing SAT exam. Oh well, as I said, it wasn’t that bad. And, I was so glad it was over. I was ready to come home for lunch



I’m not perfect, but God’s not donw with me yet!!!


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