Don’t Lose Hope

Bet you didn’t know I was a songwriter.

Well, I’ve written a few songs over the years. When I was younger I used to write music all the time. Practically ever week I used to put my memory verses to music. I’ve long forgotten many of the songs I’ve written but I have a few of the more recent ones written down. Here are the words to one of them. It’s dedicated to the memory of a friend of mine, Ashley Wilson. She died two years ago, at just 15 years old. This is a song of hope, saying that no matter what happens, even when we don’t understand, God will always be there for us.

Don’t Lose Hope

By Randelle Riley

Dedicated to the memory of K. Ashley Wilson

(31st October 1988 – 17th November 2003)


Don’t lose hope, have no fear

Jesus Christ is always near

Jesus Christ, He’s my best friend

And He’ll be there for you till the very end.

I know you may be hurting so very deep inside

I know the wounds you have endured are impossible to hide

But one more thing I know is that my God is by your side

He watches you. He cares for you. His love is deep and wide.


At times life may not seem fair. Sometimes things don’t seem right

But once you know God’s there for you it’s always worth the fight

Just don’t give up. He’ll see you though. He hears your humble plight

He has promised to keep you with his power and his might



Sometimes you may feel all alone, like no one’s there for you

You’re feeling down, you’re so confused, you don’t know what to do

But know that my Lord Jesus is always there it’s true

Just go to him upon your knees and He will see you through



One thought on “Don’t Lose Hope

  1. I love the song, I know how you feel about music because I feel it too!!! Great Space love the theme love it all!!!!Keep on being the positive person that you are because you are truly simple Elegance, Innocenece R…and the list goes on Classic Beauty!!!lol Keep on doing your thing and I will keep on supporting you. your good friend **~~~FRENCHY~~~**

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