My Prayer of Dedication

My Prayer of Dedication

Lord, I dedicate myself to you this day. I want to be a witness for you. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to approach someone to witness. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know all the right Bible texts, and I definitely don’t have all the answers. But You do.

I dedicate myself, my life to you. Here are my feet, send me where you’d have me go. I give you my hands; have me do what You will. I give you my lips to sing your praises. Let me speak of you, and help spread your gospel to all the world.

In Jesus’ name



One thought on “My Prayer of Dedication

  1. hmmm, nice space. It\’s simply elegant <wonder where i got that from>I\’ll tell you, your prayer is beautiful. Not just because of the words, but it is one of the most beautiful things in this life now for young people to pray in such a sincere manner that it reads like a love letter to God. And more than any true prince charming, he has recieved it with intentions of crossing a thousand miles to His damsel in distress. God\’s love is so strong, it is unbelieveable…but by faith, we must believe in Him…think of it just in the same way you\’d place unconditional trust in the coming of your truest love, a valiant prince, riding with sword and shield to rescue you from the most evil dragons in high towers.You once commented on the dedication that i hold for someone…God is so much more dedicated to you…to all of us.

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