Would I be ready……..? Would you…….?

The other night I lay in bed for a while just thinking, and the thought crossed my mind,"suppose I fall asleep tonight, and I don’t ever wake up?". It was quite a sobering thought. Would I be ready if my life were to end right now? There are times when I think, well of course I’ll be ready. But I’m far from perfect and there are times when I, as we all do, mess up. And I sometimes think, "suppose God were to come at this very instant? I’d be in so much trouble."
I want to be ready when Jesus comes. I guess I need to live for him all the time
Will I be ready when Jesus comes? Will you………..?
Lord, I wanna be like you. Please Lord, make me more like you.

One thought on “Would I be ready……..? Would you…….?

  1. That A good question everyone gotta ask themselves occasionally, or we would forget what lies ahead, and live our lives at time without remembering morals… how we affect others etc… Remember to live like Jesus..

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