Simultaneously, not consecutively

Today, I take time out to celebrate life. I praise God for all He’s done for me through the years. Today, on my 19th birthday, I thank Him for sparing my life thus far. Many persons havent made it as far as I have.
I think of my good friend Ashley Wilson. As well as being my birthday, it also marks the 2nd anniversary of her death. Born on October 31st 1988, she died at the tender age of 15 on November 17th 2003, my 17th birthday. How ironic that on the day I was to celebrate life, a dear friend of mine would have lost hers.
I also think today of another friend, Rae Hughes. She would have been 19 this year as well, but just this year, she too lost her life.
Why talk about death on this day when I should celebrate life? As young people we sometimes tend to take our lives for granted, but we’re never too young to die. We can’t be too young to give our lives some focus.
I want to share a thought that was shared with me some time ago. It says, live life simultaneously, not consecutively. What does thie mean? Many times in life we tend to put things off. "I’ll start exercising next semester", "I’ll start doing more for my community next year". Some even put off greater things like their soul’s salvation. "I’ll give my life to Christ. When I finish university. Just before I get married. After I’ve have a chance to enjoy life in the world." But all around us, young people are dying. We can never know how much time we have left.
So live life to the fullest. Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Live your life simultaneously, not consecutively. If you want to get something done in life, go for it. Don’t wait.
My Prayer for today:
Lord, I thank You for my life. I thank You for Your blessings and mercies. I love You for You have first loved me and I praise You for You along are worthy to be praised. Even now Lord, I dedicate my life to You one more time. Help me to live my life to the fullest, and to fulfil Your purpose in my live. I love You Lord
Your child

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