Be assured

 What a beautiful entry. I just had to share it.



Be assured

Although we are not to worry over anything…we must be careful not to become complacent
where is the balance struck?…ask the holy spirit=)
Be careful: if you’re beautiful, and you know it, and you really like to show it
Be careful: if you’re blessed with intelligence and with understanding and excellent in academics
Be careful: if people love you easily and your popularity grows where the wind blows
Be careful: if the one you love loves you back and promises to give to giev you the world
Be careful: if your dreams have become reality and you are basking in the wonderful moments of your life
Be careful: if ambition and drive, passion and motivation is what you are known for
Be careful: if your self esteem is low and you spend much time alone
Be careful: if frustrated
Be careful: if the hour is late
Be careful: if you day dream
Be careful: if your reaction was conceived by being provoked
Be careful: if that slight habit is being ignored
Be assured: if you trust in the lord, the holy spirit and study of His Word for all things.

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