Change for a dollar

Change for a dollar


When she stood up, her voluminous figure commanded attention from her seventh-grade peers. She had listened attentively while several of them described an item most like them. Now it was her turn to talk.

            Jo Ed held up a crumpled dollar bill that, like her life, was broken and torn. At 14 she had already had her fill of adult experiences. Boasting several abortions and a bad attitude, she was the pariah of the class. Jo Ed held the dollar bill at arm’s length and proceeded to revel in her likeness to it. “I am like this dollar bill because I can go anywhere. People like me. I get handled a lot. I am popular. I get all the attention, just like this buck.”

            Now it was time for her peers to respond. No one said a word. No one ever said a word to Jo Ed; for if they did, her bad attitude would nail them to the wall. After about two minutes of silence, she spoke up. “Don’t anybody have anything to say?”

            From somewhere in the room a nervous teen began walking toward Jo Ed, hands in pockets. The room took on an executioner’s chill. No matter what he would say or do, he was going to get it. Gazing straight into her eyes like an old sage, his words found their mark: “I am sorry about your description of yourself as being cheap, dirty, and handled a lot – like that dollar bill you are holding.” As he spoke he carefully pulled four quarters from his pocket, handed them to her, and pulled the dollar from her hand. He continued: “But like this dollar, you can be changed. You have value. You have worth. It’s all in how you look at it.”

            He turned to greet the applause of the class. Jo Ed cried that day and said absolutely nothing. She was different after that. She got along with the students, and some even invited her to eat lunch with them. The young man’s kind words transformed her life.

            Christ wants to trade His “change” for our soiled and dirty dollar of a life. He wants to take what we are and change us into what we can become through Him. He yearns to restore worth and value to us. He wants His words “I have loved you with an everlasting love” to find their mark in our hearts. Try Christ for a change.


Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. 1 John 3:2, NIV


One thought on “Change for a dollar

  1. Hey,
    That really was a good story, and a great lesson. Just having a positive attitute and looking at things from positive point of view really can do alot for someone, Even if they thing they aren\’t worth anything.

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