What is the meaning of discipleship? What’s your personal understanding?
The Sabbath School lessons for this quarter are centered around discipleship, a topic I am greatful for. I smiled when I saw it
What is a disciple? A disciple of Christ is an active follower of Christ. It is one who not only embraces Christ and His teachings, but also seeks to spread Christ’s message to all around us. As Christians we are commissioned in Matthew 28:19 to teach all the world about Jesus. Some Christians believe that Christianity is all about going to church, singins a few songs, praying, reading the Bible, and going back home. But in order to be true disciples, we must, as i said before, spread Christ all around. We must teach others what he has taught us. We must spread meaning to this world. As disciples, we must be tru followers of Christ.
Think about it:
Am I a true disciple? If not, what can I do to change that? If so, what can I to keep myself on the right path? How can I follow Christ all the way…
Seeking the Lord…

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