Is God’s Word really truth? How do YOU know?

I just read a devotional online and it tickled my thought a bit. The writer spoke of a story he/she had heard about a group of Christians and an athiest having a rousing debate about the truth and validity of the Bible. The Christians stood up firmly on the word and proclaimed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is indeed truth. The athiest asked a simple question. “Have you all read through this Bible you believe?” Sadly, the Christians’ responses were all no, and the athiest laughed in their faces, asking how they could really know the Bible is the truth if they haven’t even read the whole thing.
The sad thing is that many of us as Christians would have to admit that we have never read the Good Book in its entirety, yet we take time to read secular books, even Christian books in their entirety, or watch entire series on television, etc. Yet the Book we claim contains all truth and light and we claim to base our lives on, we read in church on the weekends, maybe pick up a few times in the week and read a few verses, but often do not take the time to truly read and reflect and learn God’s word.
I’ve been challenged once more to read my Bible through, and I share this challenge with you. If you’re read it through before, excellent. You can read it again. And again. The Lord will not cease to amaze you with the new revelations you will receive. God bless you all.
That’s all for now…

One thought on “Is God’s Word really truth? How do YOU know?

  1. This is indeed true. It is important to read it, and read it to get revelation, not just for memorisation. For while indeed reading through the whole thing is a noble thing, if you never truly understand what God was saying through it and never applied the truths, then you are almost worst of than when you started….

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