Use me…

stood in line at a grocery store, her cart overflowing. She saw a young woman
with baby in tow struggle to the register with her half-filled cart. She felt
the Spirit’s tug to pay for the woman’s groceries. “I know it sounds strange,
but God told me … to buy your groceries.” With tears the woman accepted. This
young woman had pretty much given up on God – after being abandoned by her
husband, after suffering spousal abuse for years, after hardly being able to
make ends meet for herself and her child – but had prayed, “God, if you are
real, if you love me, show Yourself to me!”

is definitely a blessing to be used by God. When I read this story, I was
touched – and disheartened. Just this week, I felt the Lord prompting me to
speak for Him. A classmate made the statement that he is “almost” an atheist,
and I felt impressed to ask him why, and open up dialogue. Over and over it
played out in my mind, “Just ask him. All you have to do is ask the question.”
I never did.

and over I ask God to use me. Over and over I ask Him to reveal Himself to me.
I ask Him to give me opportunities to speak to someone on His behalf, to share
His love and His will to others. Time after time I have had opportunities, be
they “small” ones – “tell that woman ‘God bless you’ before you leave the
elevator”, or the one this week, “ask him why he is ‘almost’ an atheist. That’s
all I want you to do” God said. “Just ask.”

pray that I get opportunities to be used by God again. I pray that I get a
chance to speak to my classmate about God again, and not blow it this time. I
just pray that I did not miss a critical point, a time where my word would have
been a shaping factor in the situation. I pray that it is not too late.


Jesus, I thank
You that You want to use me. I thank You that You trust me to do Your will. I
pray that I may trust myself to do Your will, that I may not be afraid when You
ask me to do a simple task for You. I want to be faithful to You in the small
tasks, and I anticipate the bigger ones with time. Help me to do my best, help
me to do my part, trusting You to do the rest. Thank You Lord.



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