Friend of God

Just this afternoon I got a Facebook friend request from an old friend who I have not spoken to in so long. It was so amazing to reconnect with her, view her page and pictures and get a little glimpse into her life. (And yes, I am a proud Facebookaholic, lol) I changed my status message to "As much as I appreciate growth and change, I miss my old friends! Wish I could just pack them all up into a suitcase and drag them around with me wherever I go!" I just started reminiscing a bit about the good times, with her, and with other past friends. Over the years, we lose touch with so many people, either because of distance, or because one or the other is busy, changing personalities over time, time itself, or those who we get disconnected from because of certain circumstances…

It crossed my mind later though that, despite all the changes we go through in life, no matter if other friendships fail, there is one friendship that need never be broken. HE’s never out of your reach. HE is never too busy to hear you. HE loves you more than anyone else can ever attempt to love. HE is JESUS, the ultimate friend. Praises be to GOD!

And so, if you’re ever feeling lonely, remember that one Friend who is always there… You could maybe also consider picking up the phone and calling up an old friend who’d be just as elated to hear your voice as you are to hear theirs 🙂

"I am a friend of GOD"
~Randelle R.

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