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Cleaning up the mess

I am sometimes a messy person. I admit it. Not messy like – no walking space on the floor – messy or, empty take-out containers strewn all over – messy, but more like – some things in their place, other things wherever. I hate seeing my apartment sometimes. I recall going to a friend’s house some years ago to spend the night, and her apologizing about the state of her room. The “state” she referred to was just that her bed had not been made that morning. Everything else was in its place. I thought to myself that I wished my room would be tidy enough that even an unmade bed would seem out of place.

I try to keep the place clean, and sometimes it works, but – more often than not – a few days after I clean, things start “appearing” in places where they shouldn’t be once more, and I have to clean it up again.

As I read another devotional today, then looked around at my untidy apartment, I pondered how similar this situation is to my Christian walk. I try to be good. I really do. I “clean up” and do the things I know Jesus wants me to – for a time. But sometimes, more often than not, I end up falling into the same old bad habits – neglecting my relationship with Christ the same way I neglect to put things in their proper places.

I am thankful that God does not give up on me, regardless of the number of times I fall. I am thankful that He knows my heart, and He is willing and able to help me grow. I am thankful that He picks me up, cleans me up, and will help me continue to live in Him, and for Him. Thank You Jesus!  I keep striving, but not in my strength, but in His.

And now, I’m off to clean my room.


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