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How I want to spend my New Year

2012 is here!

A few things about my New Years eve give me light into how I should spend the upcoming year. Here they are

1. Seeking God. We drove around searching for a sundown service to welcome in the New Year. We did not find one. The churches we went to were closed. That did not stop us from visiting a public park and closing the Sabbath and the year with prayer, inviting the Lord into our lives as we entered the New Year.

2. Praising God unashamed. Five of us stood in a circle, in the middle of a large gazebo in a public park, bowed our heads, and went around the circle thanking God for bringing us through 2011 and asking Him to lead us through 2012

3. With friends and family. I spent much of 2011 alone, living in a city pretty much without family and friends, visiting what family I did have nearby very seldomly, because of a job in that lonely city, and the inconvenience of visiting more often. I was not a very enjoyable experience. When God made Adam, he placed him in the garden alone, allowed him to experience being by himself, then created him a partner alongside him saying that “it is not good for the man to be alone” (Gen 2:18). I have certainly experienced this fact, and I pray that I am able to spend my 2012, or at least parts of it, surrounded by loved ones as I was able to on New Years eve

4. Helping those less fortunate. A man presented himself to our little group, and introduced himself as David Williams, a person having fallen among hard times, but who was ready to return home. He told us that he planned to take a bus back home, but was short of the fare by $5. We were able to help him out with the cash, and say a prayer with him right then and there. For 2012 I pray that the Lord presents more opportunities to share what little he has shared with me with others who need it more than I do.

So, I am ready to begin my 2012. I pray for guidance from the Lord to make this year an extra special one. A year in which I put Him first and foremost in my life, and put others before myself and my selfish desire. A year filled with pure J-O-Y as a result of living the principles of Jesus-Others-You.

Make me ready dear Jesus… I let go of all my plans, and desires. I present them to You. I give myself away so You can use me


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