Today I want us to stop and reflect on the year that has just passed. What is the one thing (or, better yet, more than one thing) that you can genuinely say you’ve changed for the better last year? One area you’ve improved in; one bad habit you’ve broken? What do you plan on working on in this new year?

I’m not so much a fan of New Year’s resolutions, at least, I don’t call them that. I do however believe that one should have goals that one wishes to accomplish and work from there. Based off an idea I got from a speaker at GYC 2010 (click here to find out more about GYC) I formulated a list of short term goals to work on during the upcoming year. This list included goals for my personal devotional life, prayer life, reading/keeping up with the world around me, friends and family, physical fitness, financial planning etc. To be honest, only one thing sticks out to me that I really made significant progress with over the past year. But that one thing was a start. My list was not a list of resolutions that I’d feel guilty for not accomplishing. It was a list of things I know I need to work on over time. And guess what? Most of that stuff, even what I made progress with last year, will roll right on over into this year.

My challenge for myself this year is to see if I keep up with that one item I improved on last year, and if at the end of this year I can see marked progress in one/more other things on my “revised for 2012” list. That’s my challenge for you as well. Go ahead. List your goals/dreams. Then maybe pick out one/two to really work on this year. Challenge yourself. Stick it up on the wall somewhere to remind yourself. If you falter, dont feel guilty/beat up on yourself. Don’t give up either. Just renew the decision to try to make a positive difference in your life this year, and the years to come.

God bless



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