How to know God’s will for your life

How to know God’s will for your life


(My brief transcript/notes on this sermon that has tremendously blessed me)

8 steps to know God’s will for your life

  1. Have no will of your own on the matter
    • Matt 26:39
  2. Don’t go simply by feeling – but by principle
    • 2 Tim 1:7
  3. Study God’s word – be in daily communion with God
    • Ps. 119:105
  4. Consider providential circumstances – how has God led you in the past?
    • Deut 8:2
    • Failure is neutral. It’s your relationship with failure that makes the difference
  5. Consult with godly friends
    • Prov 11:14
    • Ps. 1:1
  6. Ask God in prayer to reveal His will
    • James 1:5
  7. Make a decision
    • Josh. 24:15
    • Tell God your decision before you tell anybody else
    • Don’t get into the “paralysis of analysis” – don’t think too much
  8. Proceed with your decision. Ask God to stop you if you have not chosen the right thing. If it is not his plan, Ask God to “shut the door”
    • Rev 3:7,8
    • Nobody plans to fail. They simply fail to plan

2 thoughts on “How to know God’s will for your life

  1. I do believe these steps to be true and try to live by them. What do you think about people who say that God leads everyone differently, do these steps still apply to them?

    1. I wondered something similar as I listened to the sermon. I thought about those who may feel they have a direct message/impression from God, even without going through those steps. I think it has to do with your own personal relationship with God, though I am definitely no expert. All I know is that I am certainly seeking God’s will for certain areas of my life right now and this sermon/these steps give me a good platform to start from…

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