Go get it! – Mary Mary

Verse 2 of this song says
“You were made to live a good life and that’s what I believe. So hit the floor, say a prayer, start working. You gotta do something. It’s alright to crawl before you walk. It’s alright to walk before you run. But if you wanna get what you never got, gotta do something that you never done.

I love the message of this song, because I think it speaks to me where I’m at right now. At the start of 2012, I was all excited and hopeful, thinking, this will be my year. I had great expectations for things to happen in my life. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The problem though is that I expected to just sit back and watch as great things happened to me – to start moving after other things started moving in my life.
This year, I once again have great expectations, but I fully intend to take an active an active role in making my dreams come true.
There’s a saying that the Lord helps those who help themselves. As the song says, go get your blessing! I plan to go get mine. Do you?


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