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Father, can you hear me?

“Father can you hear me? We need your love today
I know that you are listening. You hear men everyday
Father please hear us and we will be ok
Father we need you to heal families today.”

Father can you hear me?

It’s a question that we may sometimes ask as Christians. We go through stuff sometimes, and tend to wonder whether God is paying attention; whether He even sees. Sure, in theory we know that He is always there, but sometimes in practice we need a little reminder.

Ps. 19:3 is one such reminder.

“There is no speech, nor are there words whose voice is not heard.” Ps. 19:3 (ESV)

Whatever you say, whatever you do, whatever you are going through, God sees and He knows. And though you may not understand right this moment,

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good…” Rom 8:28a (ESV)


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