One Step at a Time

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2014!

(The year is almost old by now, but oh well)

Though I don’t call the “resolutions”, I do have a few things that I’d like to work on this year; lifestyle changes – personal improvements – new habits/modifications to current habits. These are things that I’ve wanted/needed to do for a while. I do agree that a new year is a good time to take stock of one’s life and plan to take necessary action.

The thing about resolutions though, is that they often fail. We start the year off with a bang, then as time progresses, progress tends to fizzle away. This is probably especially true when you start the year with tons of grand plans to accomplish. It’s just overwhelming, and over time, most of us give up – intentionally or unintentially. Sometimes things just happen.

I’ve been reading the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (exerpt here) (listening to it actually – I have the audiobook). Really good book. I’m not done yet, but enjoying what I’ve heard so far. One of the points that I really enjoyed was the idea of keystone habits. The idea behind this is simple. Choose one area of your life to alter, and stick to it. As you work on this one area consistently, the habit begins to form, and as you continually exercise your “willpower muscle”, it begins to strengthen. The result is that persons who make consistent improvements in one area of their life tend to start seeing changes in other areas, without actively trying in some cases. “The keystone habit [creates] a structure that [helps] other habits to flourish.” It’s a great formula, I think.

Work on one area consistently ===> Increased willpower

Increased willpower ===> Ability to modify other areas more easily

I don’t truly capture the concept in totality. Read the book 🙂 But that’s my plan for this year. I have a list of habits I need to work on some time in the upcoming months (right now it’s in my head, but I’m planning to write stuff down). These are things I’ve been planning to do and trying to improve on for AGES!!! So, I have chosen my keystone habit that I plan to focus on. Once I’ve developed that habit, I am hoping and praying and expecting that it will trickle down to other areas in my life.

What do you want to accomplish this year? I encourage you to pick one thing, be consistent, let the habit form and let it trickle down to the next habit, until one by one, you transform your life!

Now, enjoy one of my favorite songs, by Jordin Sparks, One Step at a Time!